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Memorize PMP Processes – The Easy Way

In this Article I will try to give some insight on how to memorize PMP processes, and how to relate them to the correspondent Process Group, and Knowledge Area. We will be using the famous Project Management Process Groups and Knowledge Areas Mapping table from PMBOK guide, which is shown below, to demonstrate how we […]

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Project Scheduling Best Practices

I have been reading the Practice Standard for Scheduling – Second Edition by PMI, I found some useful information I wanted to share, below is a summary of the book: Mainly this book covers Scheduling Methods, Scheduling Techniques, How to create, maintain, and analyze a schedule. So What Is Scheduling and why we need a […]

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Does Agile fit in Functional Organizations?

There was an argument between me and a friend of mine, and it was a very hot one. The argue was “Is it possible to apply Agile Methodologies in a Functional Organization?“. I was telling him that with some customization to Agile Processes & commitment from the Senior Management, we can apply Agile in such organizations; definitely it will […]

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Workable Ethical Theories and their application in Project Management

Yesterday (29th of Feb) was the third PM Corner. Kuwait meeting, the subject of the meeting was all about Ethics & Morality and how to apply them in project management field.The presentation was delivered by Mr. James Boyce, who is a subject matter expert in Ethical Theories as well as Project Management. Here are some of the […]

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