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Agile Metrics – PM Network Magazine

PM Network Magazine December 2012 issue have published an article about Agile Metrics, the article includes part of my writing along with other Agile experts. Below is a copy from the Magazine, and I will be posting my full article on my blog soon. Please feel free to share your feedback. When it comes to […]

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Scrum vs. Waterfall

WHAT IS WATERFALL? Waterfall is a classic software development life cycle, which is liner and sequential in nature, it has 5 main phases (Requirement Analysis, Design, Development, Test, Release), each of which has its distinct goals. In Waterfall you start the life cycle phases one at a time, each phase output is an input for […]

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Are you really agile? A free assessment

As Agile methodologies are emerging & taking over these days, everybody in the world is calming that he is Agile! Are you realy Agile?A free assessment for you to benchmark the maturity of your agile practices, Check this out

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Thanks to International Scrum Institute for their support to the content of this article. In the first part of this article we talked in general about Scrum Framework, and Scrum Roles, in this part we will cover more details about Scrum. I this Article: THE SCRUM PRODUCT BACKLOG SCRUM USER STORIES ESTIMATIONS – PLANNING POKER […]

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Thanks to International Scrum Institute for their support to the content of this article. In this Article: OVERVIEW OF SCRUM FRAMEWORK SCRUM ROLES THE SCRUM TEAM THE SCRUM MASTER SCRUM PRODUCT OWNER Scrum is a lightweight agile project management framework mainly used for software development. It describes an iterative and incremental approach for project work. OVERVIEW OF […]

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